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  To all English teachers in Rio: I hear a lot of people telling me they go to meetups for networking or for business meetings. Then I thought: wow, I have absolutely no colleagues at all. Since I work for myself, I teach students in their homes or offices and therefore I have no one to talk to about my classes, about students' performances and how I could do a better job. Personally, I would love to have fellow teachers to discuss work-related questions such as methodology, teaching strategies, problems students encounter and how I can be of help, and so on. It'd also be great to make new friends and new connections. So what do you say we meet, say, once or twice a month and have a meeting in English? It would also be a way to practice our language skills.

A few ideas for debates are: - What to say when someone asks us "so do you have a job now or are you still teaching?" or "Will you be doing this all your life?" - What are my career goals? - How to deal with the challenges of private lessons, such as same-day cancellations and late payments? - How to help students with listening difficulties? - What to do when students hit a plateau?   We could also share class material and exchange ideas.   Hope to hear from you soon.  

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