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Did you ever want to actually participate in the Rio Carnaval with your own hand made costume and enjoy a unique experience, a real bucket list item? Well this is your chance. If you are interested in joining our group and experience the real Carnaval read below.Hi. I'm Dietrich Willke. I have been part of the real Carnaval with one of the oldest and most known Samba School Mangueira for over 18 years, and I have always invited a couple of friends from the US and Europe, and they had such an amazing experience that I thought it would be great to invite more people to participate in this once in a lifetime experience. Carnaval 2016 champions Year of Maria Bethania Carnaval 2014. Ana Paula and I. Carnaval 2011 - California Group Carnaval 2004 - Indiana's University friends.

Sylvie ( my sister) Ana Paula and I. Carnaval 1996. The hit " Me leva que eu vou..sonho meu. Atrás da Verde e Rosa só não vai quem já morreu. " Carnaval 2004. Me and my father in the midle of the Sapucaí Mangueira. . Mangueira. - Mestre Sala e Porta-Bandeira ________________________________________________ And 2019?? The bigger the group the more fun we have. . .   Mangueira has reserved 86 costumes for me. This year is a special year. . . We created a partnership with Mangueira's official Hotel Vila Galé where you will be able to be immersed in the culture of Brazil (Food, Music, and Tradition).  _______________________________________________ Feijoada Oficial da Mangueira no Vila Galé O Hotel Vila Galé FULL EXPERIENCE 360 ° PACKAGE CARNIVAL RIO 2019 4 Days at the official Vila Galé Mangueira hotel which includes Breakfast (all you can eat) and exclusive events at Mangueira School.

There are 4 incredible days with an experience designed especially for you to participate in all the best moments of Rio 2019 Carnival. Saturday (March 2) Check in at the hotel and check out the costumes in the hotel's convention room and make some adjustments if necessary. Take advantage of the blocks of street in Ipanema. Sunday (March 3) Feijoada Oficial de Mangueira with the battery of Mangueira with open food and open drink in the official hotel of Mangueira in the hotel. To attend the Samba schools of the Special Group in the VIP cabin in the best sector of Sapucaí.  Monday (4th of March) Sunset Pool Party with the Mangueira Samba Wheel at the hotel Take advantage of the street blocks of Arcos da Lapa and Santa Teresa To depart with your fantasy of Mangueira na Sapucaí and to have the experience of being in the middle of the Avenue.

Tuesday (5th of March) Take advantage of the blocks of street of Lapa, the best beaches and tourism in Cidade Maravilhosa   Wednesday (March 6) Hotel checkout and back home PS: If you want single room, please whatsapp me: +551196999-4434 (Didi Willke) Room 

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