Workshop - Becoming the Product Leader: Getting to VP and CPO-Melissa Perri

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IMPORTANTE.  LOCAL AINDA PODE SOFRER ALTERAÇÕES, MAS A DATA ESTÁ CONFIRMADA. This workshop will go over what it takes to move up the organization, from a team level Product Manager into the executive suite. If you aspire to be a VP of Product or CPO at an organization, this workshop will tell you what you need to get there. We'll go over executive thinking, advanced product strategy, and the skills you need to run your organization. Different types of Product Executives VP of Product at Startup CPO at Growth Stage Enterprise CPO What skills are needed at each level and how to develop them Working at the Executive Team How to get buy-in from your executive peers: learn how they think and what they care about How to translate what you're doing at the team level to overall business goals Setting Product Strategy: Switching from Tactical to Strategic What does Product Strategy look like at a portfolio level? How do you define portfolio strategy? How does sales, marketing, development costs, and other factors affect your strategy? What are different product strategies at different size companies you should consider? PS: Não ofereceremos tradução para o workshop Compre WORKSHOP + PRODUCT CAMP 2019 Se você ainda não garantiu seu ingresso no Product Camp 2019, agora é a chance de comprar Workshop + Ingresso do evento com desconto nos dois.

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